Assessing your progress

In assessing course performance, students are awarded grades, which carry a specified number of grade points as follows:

Grade points
(per credit)
Grade points
(per credit)
A1 Excellent 22  E1  Weak  8
A2 Excellent 21  E2  Weak  7
A3 Excellent 20  E3  Weak  6
A4 Excellent 19  F1  Poor  5
A5 Excellent 18  F2  Poor  4
B1 Very Good 17  F3  Poor  3
B2 Very Good 16  G1  Very Poor  2
B3 Very Good 15  G2  Very Poor  1
C1 Good 14  H  Credit Awarded  0
C2 Good 13  CR  Credit Refused  0
C3 Good 12  CW  Credit Withheld  0


Satisfactory 11  07  Result deferred  0
D2 Satisfactory 10
D3 Satisfactory 9

In assessing progress towards your degree, both the number of credits gained from each course completed and the grade points accumulated will be taken into account. Your Grade Point Average (GPA) and the number of your credits at grade D3 or better are critical in determining your achievement.

The GPA is calculated by multiplying the number of credits gained from each course (usually 20 or 40 in first year) by the grade points awarded for that course, totalling the results and dividing this by your total number of credits.

Thus a student who has taken the following courses and gained the grades specified:

Physics 1 (40 credits)  B3 (15 grade points) 40 x 15 = 600 grade points
Mathematics 1R (20 credits) C2 (13 grade points) 20 x 13 = 260 grade points
Mathematics 1S (20 credits) B1 (17 grade points) 20 x 17 = 340 grade points
Chemistry 1 (40 credits) B2 (16 grade points) 40 x 16 = 640 grade points
  Total = 1840 grade points

will have a GPA of 15.33 on 120 credits, calculated as follows: 1840/120 = 15.33.

We do not have a pass/fail system. The grade required to allow you to take the next year of a course varies from B to D depending on the course.

You will only be allowed to continue studying from first to second year and onwards if you have met the appropriate course requirements for each subject AND met the general College of Science and Engineering requirements. 

Each School will publish their course requirements, that is what assessments you have to complete and what standard is required before students are allowed to progress to the next stage of study.

Entry to Honours

For admission to a BSc honours programme at the end of second year, you are required to have 240 credits at a GPA of 9.At least 200 of these credits must be at grade D3. You must have at least 60 credits in level-2 subjects and of these at least 40 credits (but more usually 60) of level-2 courses in the intending honours subject at a minimum grade of C3 (see course handbooks for specific course requirements).

Please note that some subjects may require a minimum grade of B3 for entry. This is at the discretion of the Head of School.

Entry to MSci

Admission to an MSci requires 240 credits with a GPA of 12. At least 60 of the credits must be at level-2 at grade B3.

If you have more than 240 credits, then the best 240 are used.

Entry to a Designated Degree

If you opt for a 3-year degree, you should achieve 240 credits with a GPA of at least 10 by the end of second year. This corresponds to an average of grade D2 in all courses throughout first and second year.

Minimum College Progress Requirements


You must meet the following minimum College requirements to be allowed to progress in your studies. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that you will be allowed to advance to the next level, merely that you will be allowed to return as a student with the aim to complete/progress in your studies. Failure to meet these minimum standards will result in a student being referred to the Science Progress Committee. The minimum requirements to progress in your studies are:

After 1 year 80 credits with a GPA of at least 8 over the best 80 credits, and with at least 60 credits at D3 or better.
After 2 years

160 credits with a GPA of at least 8 over the best 160 credits, and with at least 120 credits at D3 or better; must have fulfilled level 1 requirements that allow entry to level 2 Science courses totalling 60 credits.

You must have obtained a minimum of 80 credits during session two.   

Within these there must be:

-  a GPA of at least 8 across the best 80 credits within session two,


-  you must have achieved D3 or better in at least 60 credits within session two.   

After 3 years 240 credits with a GPA of at least 9 over the best 240 credits, and with at least 160 credits at D3 or better; at least 60 credits must be at level 2 or above.
After 4 years Must be qualified for entry to BSc in a Designated Subject or BSc Honours Programme.

(Note: Achieving only this minimal standard will not guarantee progression to the next stage of your degree programme. Some programmes may require a minimum grade in order to be admitted to their Honours programme.)

Your Adviser of Studies will guide you on all these matters.