Models in STEM

This Progresion Pathway highlights the extent to which models are used across science and technology, and in applying mathematics.

It is important that learners should be aware when they are indeed using a model, and recogniise that this can provide a useful framework for understanding and for making predictions.

However, a model is not in general a perfect representation of the reality being studied. Models are often indispensable for coherent learning, but they always have limitations and may require to be superseded at deeper levels of study. It should be helpful if learners sre fully aware of these features, and maintain an explicit and critical awareness of the usefulness and limitations of models they are deploying in given contexts.

Understanding the nature and use of Models is a progressive process in school education. Our document describes how at higher levels of educationkey to understanding different topics of study.

To download our document select the following link:  Models in STEM