STEM-ED Scotland seeks to champion world class education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM-ED Scotland was established through an initiative of the Deans of Science & Engineering in Scotland (DSES).  In its work it has also benefited from much wider interactions with contacts across Scotland who have shared our ambitions to identify ways to enhance the effectiveness of education across the STEM range of subjects.

Much very useful work has been done by others to engage and inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by developing and promoting studies, projects and events related to many different exciting topics.  We have chosen to focus on the less-actively analysed issue of how the whole underlying curriculum across the STEM disciplines can be improved.

We have researched our area through a number of funded projects, always in consultation with relevant partners.


Our Work

Much stakeholder commentary on the STEM curriculum has in our view been relatively superficial.  Our current main priority is to promote much clearer descriptions, based on the key strategic issues facing STEM education. 


For details of conclusions and full reports from our funded research projeccts select from the links below:

  1. An analysis of university views acroos Scotland on Priorities for STEM Education in Schools 
  2. A parallel study across Industry:  Industry and the School Curriculum.
  3. Scotland's version of an international survey: The ROSE survey: pupil views of science.
  4. A fundamental review of how college STEM education could be reformed:  Tackling the STEM Skills Gap.
  5. A new approach to ensure better understanding of key concepts and skills:  Connecting it up in STEM Education.


For further information and to make contact:

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