Presentations and papers from events held at the College which may be of use. 

RAEng Briefing 28th September 2017:


Royal Society Visit 12th Septembet 2017:


EPSRC Delivery Plan Breifing 22nd July 2016:


Industry Engagement Workshop 20th June 2016:


US Federal Funding Workshop 10th June 2016:


EPSRC Healthcare & Engineering Visit 5th May 2016: 


Internationalisation & Research Grant Support 1st April 2016: 


EPSRC ICT Visit 31 March 2016:

This overview includes the Intro to EPSRC & ICT Team, Funding Situation, Next EPSRC Delivery Plan, Strategy & Priorities for ICT Research and Research Training and the Next Steps & Further Engagement by the ICT Team presentations.


EPSRC University Research Office Workshop 7 March 2016:


Research Strategy Event December 2015:

Note: updates and other suggestions for the PowerPoint resource are welcome and should be communicated in the first instance to Evelyn Love and Jacqueline Ross.