Professional Services Review update

During June/July each Work Stream continued to focus on the activities set out by the Professional Services Review Board (PSR Board) which will help to identify opportunities to improve and complement our current processes and structures.

The suggestion box link is on this webpage. We are looking for your suggestions/quick win ideas on where you think improvements can be made to your daily interactions with your Stakeholders.

Our next communication will be at the beginning of September, but in the meantime if you have any questions that you would like to ask about the review or the Suggestion box please do not hesitate to contact Richard Ross ( who is supporting all of the Work Streams and the PSR Board.

IT/Computing Services

IT/Computing scope of work   

Advisory input from a team of IT professionals 

  • Review of Operating Model and Service areas ongoing
  • Work with key Stakeholders to agree a taxonomy of activity for IT and Computing Services, to build a collective understanding of activities and times spent on them
  • The above activities are currently being piloted in Maths and Statistics


Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation scope of work

Helen Harkness and Chris Pearce/Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Research Admin Support – Jacqui Heuchan and Michelle Carmichael

  • Paper presented to CMGr
  • Existing Structure and draft potential “go to” structure mapped out
  • Liaising with a cross section of Academics. PHAS and CompSCI are happy to be self-sufficient. Other schools looking for support
  • Workshop to be arranged with HOSA’s to review and consider options


NEW: Early Career Development: Lynne McCorriston

  • Induction/signposting guide for ECRs live on the COSE webpage. Activity completed
  • A working document has been reviewed and follow up working session to be arranged to discuss and agree next steps

NEW: Knowledge Exchange: Keith Dingwall

Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Data mapping completed – Jan 19
  • Team identified
  • Data being consolidated into standard activities, with plan to arrange reviews with academic focus groups
  • Timeline of activity to be documented

Conference & Events Management

  • Initial Workshop held on 10 May to scope out the project and discuss next steps. Further meeting to be arranged during August


Student and Academic Services

Student and Academic Services scope of work 

Pat Duncan and Stephen Clark

  • Paper with recommendations on (i) What does/does not need to be delivered at school interface (ii) How best the support staff can be structured to deliver equitable service across the college presented to PSR Board on 21 March 2019
    • Further analysis to be undertaken with Academics across all schools in the form of a face to face questionnaire. FTF meetings held with Academics from Chemistry and GES
    • Financial Aid Awarding: Identify improvement opportunities and present a paper to the PSR Board with recommendations. Document review with key Stakeholders completed

Technical Services

Technical Services scope of work

Bruce Roberston, Cyril Pacot and Graham Tobasnick

  • Equipment/Register: Commenced the implementation of an Equipment Asset Register: Identify registry owners at school level to collate and input data onto the agreed template
  • The Technical Services review team proposal to implement a Hub Management model has now been reviewed and approved by CMG with the aim that initial implementation will commence on 2nd September 2019
  • During August the two Heads of Technical Services – one for an Engineering Hub, (Cyril Pacot) and one for a Science Hub, (Graham Tobasnick) including the Schools of Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy and Geography & Earth Sciences will work with the School leads in the Science hub and the functional leads in the Engineering hub, to answer key questions and develop a plan for management teams to agree responsibilities and key areas to focus on in the coming months



School and College Management Support

School and College Support and Management scope of work

Tania Galabova and Martin Lee


Executive admin support

  • Recommendation and actions from the HoS/HoSA/PA workshop being worked through
  • Two PA workshops held, 6 March and 1 May. Summary outputs shared with the Work Stream members for review at the next WS meeting to be held on 20 August 2019
  • PA meeting/workshop held 05 June. Outcome: holding a Committee Servicing Masterclass in October mainly focussing on best practice 
  • Paper drafted relative to the Leadership Expenses approval process
  • Paper drafted relative to e-mail and Communications received by Heads of School

School Admin Activity

Workshop to be arranged to review the scale across a diverse range of activity. Consider best structure, good practice and how service is delivered. Report on findings/recommendations to be made to the PSR Board. (Once the Executive Admin Support Activity completed)

Building Management

Building Management scope of work

Debbie Goldie with Academic key stakeholder support

Building Management - Debbie Goldie with Academic key stakeholder support

  • Add additional guidance notes to the CapEX Form and make these available on the COSE website. Draft additional guidance notes circulated to Work Stream members for discussion and feedback from key stakeholders. Please note updated CaPEX procedures and form: link below.

Professional Services Review Project Board

Project Development Board under review