Professional Services Review update

Professional Services Review update

Update – November 2018

During November each Work Stream continued to focus on the activities set out by the Project Board (PB) which will help to identify opportunities to improve and complement our current processes and structures.

Building Management and Technical Support presented Reports (see updates) on 11 October. Research and Innovation made a Presentation at the CMGr on 14 November seeking approval to explore further the level of support currently provided across schools for Research Administration tasks.

The suggestion box link is attached on this webpage. We are looking for your suggestions/quick win ideas on where you think improvements can be made to your daily interactions with your Stakeholders.

Our next communication will be in January, but in the meantime if you have any questions that you would like to ask about the review or the new Suggestion box please do not hesitate to contact Richard Ross ( who is supporting all of the Work Streams and the project board.

IT/Computing Services

IT/Computing scope of work   

Advisory input from a team of IT professionals and academics

Currently on hold.


Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation scope of work

Helen Harkness and Chris Pearce/Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Research Admin Support – Jacqui Heuchan and Michelle Carmichael

CMGr presentation made on 14 November seeking approval to explore further the level of support currently provided across schools for Research Administration tasks

Research Development Opportunities: Karen Phillips

  • Existing Structure and draft potential “go to” structure mapped out


REF Process: Chris Pearce and Helen Harkness

  • Information gathering in progress to identify resources and skills required to monitor, support and deliver high quality CoSE REF submission on time
  • Gillian McTaggart has been appointed REF Co-ordinator

NEW: Early Career Development: Lynne McCorriston

  • Working document in progress, update due end of November

NEW: Knowledge Exchange: Keith Dingwall

A working document which outlines the following has been developed:

  • Identification of relevant institutional KE strategies and resources
  • A definition of what is meant by KE activates and a list of the drivers for KE activity
  • A list of tasks undertaken by UoG KE professional services staff
  • A mapping of the current deployment of professional services
  • Staff engaged in KE activity and identification of business units with whom they routinely interact
  • An initial analysis of the current model including what works, and what are the challenges/limitations


Student and Academic Services

Student and Academic Services scope of work 

Pat Duncan and Stephen Clark

  • Financial Aid Awarding Workshop – As is process documented and reviewed by Key Stakeholders
  • Tier 4 Monitoring Workshop – As is process documented and reviewed by HoSA’s
  • Work Stream focused on “Attend” to confirm how the work is organised/structured and who carries it out

Technical Services

Technical Services scope of work

Doug Irons replacement to be confirmed and Simon Wilson



Report including the undernoted activities was presented to the Project Board on 11 Oct.

(i)                 Strategic Intent, Design Principles                                                                      

(ii)                Capability mapping                                                                                                                                               

(iii)               Process Analysis

(iv)               Data and Metrics

(v)                Develop options for future service delivery models    

PB happy for the WS to continue the work on Succession Planning                                                                                                      

  • Succession planning for the next 1-5 and 5-10 years will remain a key priority to inform the future skills mix and structures. A Succession Planning spreadsheet covering all Schools is being completed to support this activity


School and College Management Support

School and College Support and Management scope of work

Tania Galabova and Martin Lee


3 Priorities confirmed with Project Board

Strategy and planning – review consistency of approach in developing and documenting strategy that inputs to SPRs.   (Workshop held on 8 October 2018). Follow up scheduled for Feb 2019

Executive admin support – HoS/HoSA/PA workshop to explore HoS support framework and implementation of consistent, high-level approach

General admin and School activity – single workshop fproposed to ensure scale across diverse range of activity included here.  Consider best structure and good practice and in particular how we deliver tasks within this (e.g. potential for cross-College lead on aspects such as Athena SWAN).


Building Management

Building Management scope of work

Debbie Goldie with Academic key stakeholder support

Report presented to the Project Board on 11 October.

(i)                Strategic Intent, Design Principles                                                                      

(ii)               Capability mapping                                                                                                                                               

(iii)              Process Analysis

(iv)              Data and Metrics

(v)               Develop options for future service delivery models    

Priorities agreed with Project Board

  • Engage with Academic key stakeholders
  • Analyse further the Capability Map to improve and ensure best match with Options
  • Further explore single points of failure
  • Priorities focus on (1) Capex proposed training/guidance notes and (2) Space Management
  • Project Board agreed that Safe Environment will move to Technical Support Work Stream

Professional Services Review Project Board

Project Development Board discussions


  • Reviewed Reports for Building Management and Technical Support