Honorary Appointments

Honorary Appointments

Honorary Appointment Form 2013

Honorary Appointment guidelines in the College of Science & Engineering: 

1. Lecturers

The honorary lecturer title is intended for the nomination of suitably qualified persons to act in a lecturing capacity. Please identify existing or planned contributions to undergraduate or postgraduate teaching, and/or supervision of research students, etc.

2. Senior Research Fellows, Research Fellows and Research Associates

This title is intended for the nomination of research workers who may be visiting the University and would otherwise have no formal status in the University. It is not necessary to nominate through the College persons working on either a short-term or semi-permanent basis who are appointed by the Court through other channels (eg Human Resources), whether their salary is paid from general University funds or by external funding bodies. In these cases the title of the appointment (Research Assistant or Research Fellow) should normally be agreed with Human Resources at the time when the appointment is recommended, but any cases of doubt may be referred to the College if necessary.

Senate has decided that the various titles should relate to the degree of research experience as follows:

  • Honorary Senior Research Fellow: visitors of professorial status
  • Honorary Research Fellow: visitors with considerable research experience (a PhD followed by five years of research experience is a guide in considering nominations for Honorary Research Fellow status)
  • Honorary Research Associate: visitors with limited research experience

Where appropriate please list relevant publications in support of the application.

Detailed information relating to Honorary status is available through the Human Resource web site at www.gla.ac.uk/services/humanresources/policies/h-o/honorarystatus/