Bookable rooms in the Library

Bookable rooms in the Library

The Library is now able to offer a bookable system for the Clyde and Kelvin lecture space on level 2 for staff and students (additional bookable rooms for undergraduate and postgraduate students are also available).


Staff and students can access the booking system via:

MyGlasgow staff portal  left hand 'Services' menu - select Appointments Booking System

MyGlasgow student portal blue box at right hand side, bottom page - select Appointments Booking System

Or from the group study room page:


Staff and students can self-book one 2-hour period per day, up to a fortnight in advance. 

Staff wishing to book the theatres for periods of more than 2 hours (for example, for longer teaching sessions or events) or further in advance of 2 weeks, can do so by contacting Library Services via the Get Help link: and selecting 'Other';  or by email .