Application Procedure

Application Procedure

The procedures for considering these ethical issues are as follows:

1. Research proposals involving volunteer participants will be submitted to the College Ethics Committee as described on the web-pages.

2. The College Ethics Committee will specify the format in which proposals should be submitted. Much of the information will be entered onto a proforma although additional information may be required in some cases.  For further details, please see

3. In the case of proposals involving external contract or sponsorship the applicant will be provided with a checklist which includes confirmation that academic freedom and publication rights are not compromised in any agreement. The completed checklist will be filed along with a copy of the application and any contract. The Head of College will establish that the best interests of the University and the College have been met before giving approval to any contract.

4. The College Committee will consider the application in accordance with the agreed procedures. They will inform the applicant of the decision and any amendments that need to be made or reasons for not giving approval of the research.

5. If the research application has not been approved by College Ethics Committee this decision may be appealed to the University Ethics Committee.

6. The University Ethics Committee hearing the application either as the initial review body or on appeal will follow the procedures set out in the document: Constitution and Operation of the University Ethics Committee.