The College of Science and Engineering asked postgraduate students questions concerning their pre-arrival and registration experiences. This page has been specifically created to address the points raised and support future prospective students. The information on this page is specifically sourced for students who will be studying within the College of Science and Engineering and therefore should be read in conjunction with the information provided in New Students.

Induction Session

An induction session will be organised by each School. You can find this information on the School home page, College web pages and via your School Induction E-Newsletter. We advise students to attend this session because it will give you vital information that you will require for the year ahead.

Advisor of Studies

Each student is assigned an Advisor of Studies (usually a member of the teaching staff), who will guide and support you in the year ahead. A student can book an appointment with their Advisor of Studies to discuss the following:

• Course guidance or selecting electives
• Guidance to cope with pressure
• Exam fear and any problems related to the curriculum
• Personal problems and circumstances
• Pastoral support
• Concerns regarding health, absence or holidays
• Career options

Remember to make a list of questions or concerns that you may have in advance of your appointment, to make use of the time in the most efficient way.

Get Prepared!

  1. Organise your accommodation
  2. Complete your MyCampus registration and update your personal details online
  3. Complete the registration process in person and get your student ID card. Please check the registration calendar for the dates in which you can start registering
  4. Attend the School Induction session. Dates will be sent to you via email but can also be found on your School home page and this web page via the Induction E-Newsletters.
  5. If you are an overseas student, you will need to apply for a bank letter from the University in order to open a UK bank account. Contact: Student Enquiry Team (Level 2 Fraser Building). You can arrange an appointment with the bank once you receive the letter. There are various banks that you can join which can be found on Byres Road (near to the University)
  6. Register with a General Practitioner (GP- Doctor) – bring your passport , VISA and Student ID card (Level 1 Fraser Building)
  7. Police registration ( if required) – contact Strathclyde Police Station
  8. If you are in private accommodation you will require a Council Tax exemption form. Contact: Student Enquiry Team (Level 2 Fraser Building)

Documents to carry in your early weeks

Please make sure you carry the following documents with you for your University registration process, opening a bank account, registering with GP, or registering with police

  1. Your passport
  2. Your VISA (if applicable)
  3. Your student ID Card
  4. Your CAS letter (copy) (if applicable)
  5. Student certifying letter from My Campus (can be printed online) get this stamped by the Student Enquiry team (Level 2 Fraser Building)
  6. Your accommodation details (contract / tenancy agreement)

Useful Contacts





+44 (0)141 330 4743

Counselling & Psychological Services

+44 (0)141 330 4528

Official Documents & Letters

+44 (0)141 330 7000

Sports & Recreation

+44 (0)141 330 4540

SRC Advice Centre

+44 (0)141 330 5360

SRC Nightline 


+44 (0)141 353 1050

VISA & Immigration

+44 (0)141 330 2912

Travel: Bus, Taxi, Subway and by foot!