Doctoral researcher training programme

Your research experience is about more than the research programme itself. It is also about the opportunity to work with your peers and to engage in training which provides skills which are essential to a successful researcher at the various stages of your career.

Students benefit from central training opportunities which are organised by the Research Strategy and Innovation Office and by sessions specifically for students in the Graduate School.

You are expected to manage your own engagement in the training programme. As such, although all courses are optional, a certain level of engagement is compulsory.  For each year of study this is as follows:

Year of Study Full-time Part-time
1st 8 credits 4 credits
2nd 6 credits 4 credits
3rd Optional 3 credits
4th Optional 3 credits
5th NA Optional

Credits can also be obtained for participation in conferences, external training, IT training, the STEM Ambassador Programme, and the Bright Club or for contribution to The GIST Magazine.

Type of activity No of credits
Contribution to The GIST Magazine 1*
Conference attendance 1*
Training workshop of more than 2 days duration 2
STEM Ambassador Programme 1*
Bright Club 1*

Students should note that there may also be School-specific training in which they should engage. For Physics and Astronomy students, there must be engagement in workshops organised by SUPA. This training can also be accredited unless it is subject-specific or technical in nature.

 * Participation in some activities has a maximum of one credit each year. The aim is to ensure that doctoral researchers undertake a variety of activity, rather than, say 6 conferences.