Science Writing Competition

Science Writing Competition

Issued: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 15:19:00 GMT

Do you have a passion for bringing science to the general public? Do you have a talent for getting people excited about your research? Are you looking for a chance to showcase your writing skills?

The College of Science and Engineering Graduate School is seeking submissions for our Science Writing Competition, open to all current research students within the College. This is an excellent opportunity for students to flex their writing muscles, and see their articles printed and distributed in and around the University. 

The Brief

The ability to inspire interest and engagement in people outwith the science community is a useful and often undervalued skill. Not only can engaging writing encourage new generations of scientists to enter the field, but it also helps raise awareness of the contributions science continues to make. 

The College is looking for articles written in the style of a popular science article, with the aim of publicising some of the research work being undertaken within the University. The article should focus on a topic within your area of research, though not necessarily on your specific project, and should make sense as a standalone piece.


The winner will receive £250 and see their article published in The GIST (, Glasgow’s largest science magazine. Last year's winning entry is available here:

The top ten entries will also be published in a brochure showcasing the College's current research, and brief feedback will be provided to all entrants if possible, depending on the number of entrants.


The competition will be open until 23 February 2017, after which the submissions will be reviewed by our panel of experts:

  • Professor Muffy Calder, Head of College
  • Dr Alfredo Carpineti, IFL Science
  • Dr Jamie Gallagher, Public Engagement Officer
  • Professor Darren Mark, Science & Engineering Graduate School Board

Further Information

Full terms and conditions can be found at the below link. Please contact with any queries relating to the competition.

Science Writing Competition Brief 2017