Shaun’s Science Slam Success

Shaun’s Science Slam Success

Issued: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:45:00 BST

Shaun Skinner, Science Slam 2016 winnerShaun Skinner, a second year Engineering student, won the fourth annual Science Slam event on 14th July 2016 with an interactive presentation on developing improved aircraft through mimicking evolutionary biology.

Sean said of the event: “Being part of the 2016 Science Slam was an honour. It was a privilege to present my work alongside so many talented people and learn about the diverse range of research that’s being done! I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my work!”.

The event, which again took place at the Cottier Theatre was sold out (as in all previous years!) and included seven students who presented on such diverse topics as hyperbolic media (materials which can change the direction of light), mutant spiders and safer nuclear power, climate change in the North American prairies, and whether or not having dyslexia and the resulting compensation strategies can make you richer.

The audience was required to discuss who they wanted to select as their winner and come to an agreed decision with their table-mates. It was genuinely a very closely fought competition this year! Second and third place went to Kirsty Annand from the School of Physics and Astronomy and Leon Franzen from Psychology.

Science Slam 2016 Stage

The Science Slam is an important event for the Graduate School, showcasing as it does our exceptional students and allowing them to present their research in a supportive and unique environment.

Dr Hossain Zare-Behtash who was in the audience (and is Shaun’s supervisor) particularly enjoyed the event: “Seeing how passionate, skilled, and knowledgeable our research students, and our future world changers are, fills me with great pride to be part of the University of Glasgow. I look forward to the day when I see or hear about the presenters in the future and recall when I once saw them presenting at Science Slam.”

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Science Slam 2016 Audience