The Tenovus-Scotland Medal Lecture

University of Glasgow academics from the life sciences have been organising triennial Symposia and annual Medal Lectures, in the area of molecular medicine, supported by the medical charity Tenovus (Scotland) since 1974.  These Tenovus events promote the best of Scottish research and bring the world’s best to Scotland. 

Tenovus Medal Lectures

The Tenovus Medal has been awarded to world class scientists since 1992. The recipients have typically studied or worked in Scotland. The prestigious Medal Lectures are given at the University of Glasgow, where the recipient is presented with an engraved silver medal.

The Selection Committee

Tenovus Medal Lecturers are selected by the Tenovus Scotland Committee, from nominations received.


Prof Paul Shiels (Cancer Sciences)

Secretary and Treasurer

Dr Emilie Combet-Asprey (Human Nutrition)

Institute and School Representatives

Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

Dr Stuart Nicklin

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Dr Pasquale Maffia

Health & Well Being

Prof Olivia Wu

School of Psychology

Dr Monika Harvey

Biodiversity, Animal Health and
Comparative Medicine

Prof Colin Selman

Selection Criteria

The selection committee of the day reserves the right to consider all factors when deciding the most appropriate Tenovus Medal recipient. While there is no strict formula to the selection of Tenovus Medal Lecturers, the following criteria can be used as a guide:

- Recipient is Scottish, or has undertaken a significant part of their work in Scotland
- Recipient has established their own independent track record
- Recipient is on the ‘up-swing’ of their career and are yet to receive major accolades
- Recipient has made a major impact in the area of molecular medicine
- Recipient is an engaging speaker

Previous Tenovus Medal Winners

1992 Tom Curran
1994 Roger Everett
1995 Andy Newman
1996 Alan Wolffe
1997 Steve Jackson
1998 Karen Vousden
1999 Margaret Frame
2000 Neil Brockdorff
2001 Tony Kouzarides
2002 Andy Sharrocks
2003 Stefan Roberts
2004 Robert White
2005 Wendy Bickmore

2006 Stephen Bell
2007 Tom Owen-Hughes
2008 Darren Monckton
2009 Neil Perkins
2010 Jessica Tyler
2011 John Rouse
2012 Kevin Ryan
2013 Gordon Lithgow
2014 Joseph Boyle
2015 Ian Deary