We would like to introduce ourselves as your NERD committee! Below you will find a short biography on each of us, detailing our career stage and associated Institute. Please come and chat to us at the next NERD event!

We are looking for new committee members! If you would like to be involved in running future NERD events, please e-mail us at cams-iii-nerd-committee@lists.cent.gla.ac.uk

Angela Bradshaw

I am a RSE-funded Personal Research Fellow based at the BHF GCRC in ICAMS, where I work on understanding the mechanisms that drive smooth muscle cell dysfunction during the development of cardiovascular disease, and on using gene therapy approaches to target these mechanisms (more information can be found here). On the bench side of things, I have an active interest in inter-disciplinary work, translational clinical research and engaging with Industry. Away from the bench I do a fair amount of committee work and teaching (whilst trying to raise small kids), and therefore have a vested interest in finding ways to help ECRs manage, develop and balance the very diverse strands that make up an academic career.

Edward Hutchinson

I joined the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research as a Research Fellow in 2016, funded by an MRC Career ‌Development Award. Before setting up a group in Glasgow I spent seven years at the University of Oxford as a postdoc. My research focuses on the molecular biology of influenza viruses, with a particular interest in the proteomics of infections - more details are here. I've also recently spent time applying for funding, setting up a group and trying to balance science with small children. I really don't have great strategies for dealing with any of those topics but I'm always happy to talk about them. Finally, I'm involved with the IIIs Athena SWAN mentorship scheme which provides mentoring for IIIs ECRs. ‌

Kathy Li

I started in the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research as an MRC-funded Clinical Research Fellow in October 2017, having completed my specialty training in virology in the NHS. My interest is in human cytomegalovirus infections and the prognostic markers for disease severity. Currently, I am working on optimising a protocol for the MinION, to sequence HCMV directly from clinical samples in order to tease out the effect of mixed strain infections on clinical outcomes. I’ve found (momentarily) a happy balance in juggling work and life with 2 boys, thanks to the support of my husband and the university. I’m pleased to join the committee and will be happy to speak to any medics (or scientists!) interested in embarking on a career in research about my experience so far.‌

Lisa McArthur

I am currently in my first post-doctoral position, investigating the benefit‌s of promoting the protective arm of the renin angiotensin system (RAS) in myocardial infarction, within ICAMS. Prior to this, I completed my PhD within the same lab, investigating cell-to-cell interactions in heart disease.
So far, events organised by NERD have helped me as an early career researcher. I am now looking forward to being involved in the planning of future events as part of the NERD committee!

Grace McGregor

I am a final year PhD student funded by Cancer Research UK working at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. I work jointly across the labs of Jurre Kamphorst and Owen Sansom, where I focus on cancer metabolism and more specifically lipid metabolism. I'm excited to be the PhD representation for NERD, to network with those more experienced to find about different career paths and opportunities, and promote NERD to final year PhD students.‌‌

Vicky Morrison

new profile picture 08/02/2016I am an Arthritis Research UK-funded career development fellow in IIIs, based in the GBRC on the Gilmorehill campus. My research interests focus on understanding the complex roles of adhesion molecules, called integrins, in immune cell function and how they might contribute to the development and progression of autoimmunity. Before coming to Glasgow as a research fellow, I did my PhD in Edinburgh and spent time as a postdoc in Dundee and Helsinki. Come and talk to me about writing fellowships, life as a fellow in IIIs, or becoming a NERD committee member! ‌I am also in charge of the NERD website so if you have any suggestions for improvement please come and chat to me.

Alice Newman

I am a Cancer Research UK funded postdoctoral research associate based at the Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre. I have worked in the laboratory of Dr. Oliver Maddocks since 2016. ‌Currently I am investigating amino acid metabolism in cancer. Prior to this, I completed my PhD in Edinburgh at the IGMM, where I studied the role of autophagy in lung cancer. I have recently joined the NERD committee as a representative from the ICS and am excited about increasing communication between ECRs across the various Glasgow University Institutes.

Chantevy Pou

I am a Cancer Research UK funded post-doctoral research associate‌ investigating biomarkers in early phase clinical trials. I took the scenic route to my current position, having worked within the drug discovery environment of pharmaceutical companies before going back to obtain my doctorate degree and further specializing in G-protein coupled receptors. I was fortunate to be offered a position where I could apply my drug discovery and pharmacology skills to a more clinical setting through translational work. I have learned through the journey that the road is not always smooth and having a support network helps a great deal in achieving some balance in life. Having recently joined the NERD committee, I have already benefitted greatly from the other members experience and I am looking forward to contributing to NERD. I am very keen in learning more about opportunities that would allow me to progress to a career where I can apply my combined industry and academic experiences.

Stephanie Rainey

I have been at the CVR since finishing my PhD in 2011 and I’m currently a research associate in the Sinkins group. My research focuses on how a bacterial endosymbiont, Wolbachia, blocks arbovirus transmission in mosquitoes. This encompasses a mixture of cell work, mosquito work and so nifty virology. I am also an active member in our outreach programs at the CVR and love getting our science out to the public. I recently returned to work after maternity leave on a part time basis, something not that common at my stage of career. I would say that although I work less hours the work/life balance I now have has made me a better more focused scientist. I’m in the process of looking at and applying for fellowships that will allow me to maintain this balance and hopefully start my own group.

Stacy Robertson

I moved back to the BHF GCRC in 2016 as a MRC-funded postdoc. Prior to this I was a Marcus Blackmore Research Fellow‌ at the Heart Research Institute, University of Sydney, Australia. My research interests include understanding the mechanisms of both the deleterious and protective effects of the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS) on vascular disease.

I understand that the needs and requirements of an ECR vary depending on personal circumstance and career stage. During my time in Sydney I benefitted greatly from several ECR development, research and support networks and am delighted to be a part of the NERD committee.

Lilach Sheiner

I am a research fellow at IIIs and a group leader at the Wellcome Centre for MolecularLilach Sheiner Parasitology. My group focuses on the cellular and molecular biology of the parasites causing toxoplasmosis and malaria. See our website for more. 

I co-organised NERD as I want to improve the training opportunities available for early career researchers. I think historically developing skills beyond research was not a significant part of the academic path and many people start leading groups with little or no suitable training. I'd like to change that. Through NERD, I'd also like to enlarge the emphasis on educating and on providing opportunities for non-academic career paths.‌

Leandro Soares

Leandro Soares

I obtained my PhD in Biophysics in Brazil, studying the cellular structure of parasites NERD profile pictureand the interaction with host cells, followed by a post-doc at the University of Heidelberg working on the cytoskeleton dynamics and structural organisation of the Malaria parasite Plasmodium sp. Pursuing a "non-conventional" academic path, I took a position as a Research Support Specialist at the Electron Microscopy Resource Center of The Rockefeller University and afterwards, a similar position at the National Technology Institute in Brazil. Since 2015 I manage the Imaging sector of the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology at the University of Glasgow. Happy to discuss microscopy, cats, or different paths one can take in their career