Legacy Fund

A total of £80k has been allocated from BBSRC Excellence with Impact winner monies to enhance and accelerate the delivery of impact from MVLS research. Funding is initially available until December 2018, when current spending and outcomes of the scheme will be evaluated with a view to determining future direction. For more information on impact and the EwI competition, see the Research Impact page.


BBSRC Excellence with Impact

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The Excellence with Impact Legacy Fund is open to all MVLS staff and postgraduate research students. Collaborative applications involving other University of Glasgow staff/students or external partners are welcomed, but the lead applicant must be part of MVLS. While funds may be used to support a range of activities resulting from previous BBSRC funding, this is not an eligibility requirement. Projects should align one or more of the ‘Understanding’, ‘Identifying and ‘Enabling’ themes underpinning the MVLS Impact strategy and with BBSRC key strategic research priorities or enabling themes.  Those who have already received Excellence with Impact Legacy funding during the current year should contact mvls-innovation@glasgow.ac.uk before making any further applications.

Funds may be used to support a range of activities, such as, but not limited to:

  • Developing demonstrations, mock ups, or initiating product design activities
  • Interacting with external stakeholders
  • Enabling applicants to engage with potential technology users

The funding is not intended to support:

  • Generic translation activities or infrastructure
  • Patent filing or similar costs associated directly to registering intellectual property rights
  • Stand-alone public engagement and science communication activities (see above for alternative funds)
  • New research
  • Staff costs and overheads

Potential applicants should note that this funding is not designed to support public engagement activities. The MVLS Engagement with Research Fund may instead provide a suitable opportunity to support such public engagement activities.


Application Process

Potential applicants can contact mvls-innovation@glasgow.ac.uk to briefly discuss potential projects. The Application form should be completed and submitted to mvls-innovation@glasgow.ac.uk, applications should clearly demonstrate potential impact arising from these activities, outcomes and how they will be measured and the benefits of undertaking the proposal. For any projects expected to cost in excess of £10k, please contact mvls-innovation@glasgow.ac.uk to discuss the proposal informally in the first instance. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed by members of the Impact Strategy Working Group (ISWG).


Successful Applicants

Projects should complete within 12 months of award. Those in receipt of funding will be required to provide a final report and other reporting may be required to meet with BBSRC reporting and internal funding evaluation deadlines. A draft report template (Section B) is included in the Excellence with Impact Legacy Fund Application form. Presentation to Impact Strategy Working Group (ISWG) may also be required.


Other Information

Please note: Applications that align with and increase the chances of future ODA (Overseas Development Aid) funding support, such as the Newton Fund and the Global Challenges Research Fund are welcome.  More information on the BBSRC Excellence with Impact competition can be found here.