MVLS has currently £5 Million pounds of funding from Wellcome, the BBSRC and the MRC to facilitate initiatives within the college.  The initiatives the funds have been allocated to are stated below, click on the links to apply for funding. 

For outcome reporting please contact: for Wellcome and for BBSRC and MRC grants.

Joint IAA Call

BBSRC / EPSRC / ESRC / STFC IAA Joint Funding Initiative - deadline 18th April 2019

In collaboration with our IAA colleagues in the Colleges of Social Science and Medical, Veternary and Life Sciences, we are delighted to offer a joint-funding initiative between the BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, and STFC IAA's.

Proposals are now being accepted for Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) proposals which encompass the remits of at least two of the following University of Glasgow IAA’s: EPSRC, ESRC, STFC and BBSRC. The objective is to amplify the impact of your research by working in cross-college collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines to find synergies between technology and social research. The joint IAA call centres on creating strategic partnerships between colleges to explore how differing subject areas can strengthen the impact of each other’s work.

The proposed project should be able to demonstrate a link to underpinning research from the: EPSRC, STFC or BBSRC, but it need not necessarily have been a cross-council funded project or follow on from a prior ESRC project.

- ~£20,000 sized projects, involving researchers working in remits of at least two of the IAA's supporting this call.
- Match funding / in-kind funding from external organisation/s encouraged.


For Application form please visit the Joint Call Webpage