ISSF Governance

‌ISSF Committee

The ISSF committee is responsible for oversight of the ISSF programme and ensures that the ISSF objectives are met. This includes allocating funding in accordance to the ISSF priority areas, and oversight of the development and implementation of funding schemes and programmes, as well as progress monitoring.


Affiliation Staff Member
Chair: Head of College and ISSF Institutional Lead, MVLS Professor Iain McInnes
Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine  Dr. Poppy Lamberton
Institute of Cancer Sciences Dr. David Vetrie
Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences  Professor Christian Delles
College Chief Operating Officer Dr. Carol Clugston
Deputy College Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jane Townson
Director, Glasgow Polyomics Professor Michael Barrett
Head of Finance, MVLS Mr. Derek Marchant
Head of Human Resources, MVLS Mr. Fergus Brown
Institute of Health and Wellbeing Dr. Donald Lyall
Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Professor Gerry Graham
Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology Dr. Thimo Kurz
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology Professor Brian Morris
ISSF Manager Dr. Sarah Henry
Public Engagement Officer, MVLS Mrs. Alison Caldecott
Public Engagement Officer, MVLS Dr. Becky Hothersall
Researcher Development Manager, RSI  Dr. Elizabeth Adams
ECR Liaison Dr. Swetha Vijayakrishnan


The management and administration of ISSF and associated schemes is currently carried out by Dr. Amy Cattanach. All enquires should be directed via


The College Equality, Inclusion & Diversity Committee provides oversight of the Diversity and Inclusion schemes.


The personal data of applicants applying to ISSF related schemes is protected under the ISSF Data Notice.‌