Commercialisation and regulatory support for translational projects

Through funding from the Wellcome Trust, the Translational Research Initiative (TRI) provides support for translational projects (including access to advisors to help researchers navigate medical device regulation pathways) as well as industry champions for commercialisation support. Please see information on both opportunities below and contact for more information.

Industry Champions Programme

Our Industry Champions provide tailored support to specific commercial development needs. This programme allows translational researchers to gain focused, specialist mentoring on projects identified to be on the cusp of spin-out or commercialisation. The short-term (~3-6 months) “entrepreneur in residence”-type support is awarded on a project-by-project basis and will provide PIs with direct support for their ambitions and drive forwards effective engagement with industry and relevant funders.

We currently have multiple researchers across the College benefiting from this support that have previously been identified through the TRI Funding Streams and Opportunity Audits. For more information on the industry champion support available, please contact