Opportunity Audits

The Translational Research Initiative (TRI) provides underpinning infrastructure to support researchers, including a rolling programme of systematic ‘Opportunity Audits’ in collaboration with external, sector-specific consultants and the University of Glasgow IP & Commercialisation team.

The audit comprises an informal 1 hour discussion with the audit panel members, during which the translational potential of the participants’ research is explored. A short report is provided to the researchers afterwards, which contains any recommendations and follow up actions identified by the panel.

By engaging with the Opportunity Audit process, it is hoped that academic researchers will:

  • Identify relevant research for translation
  • Develop a better understanding of the translational potential of their research
  • Identify next steps for attracting translational funding (where applicable)
  • Increase levels of industry engagement.

Our current Opportunity Audit programme

School of Biodiversity, One Health and Veterinary Medicine - opening soon!

All research staff from SBOHVM are invited to take part in the TRI Opportunity Audit programme for the School. 

To sign up for an Opportunity Audit and to receive an information pack, please email the TRI team 

Audits will be available in Q2 2023


The Opportunity Audit will help map out the MVLS technology pipeline, helping to coordinate activities including:

  • Industry engagement events
  • Funding calls
  • Identification and development of future REF impact case studies

Opportunity Audit timetable

MVLS School
 Audit date
Biodiversity, One Health & Veterinary Medicine   Q2 2023
Cancer Sciences Sep-2019
Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health Dec-2018
MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research Sep-2019
Health & Wellbeing 2023 (TBC)
Infection & Immunity May-2018
Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing TBC
Molecular Biosciences Sep-2018
Psychology & Neuroscience 2023 (TBC)

For more information, please contact mvls-innovation@glasgow.ac.uk 


Currently, we have audited 5 of the 8 schools across MVLS, identifying and supporting: