The MVLS Research Impact Support Team

The MVLS Research Impact Support team's primary focus is to enable a culture of impact within College research. We do this by helping the College management and research staff to identify and recognise opportunities for impact—wider societal benefits or changes—arising from research. You can contact the team ( for support to:

  • explore the potential impact of your research
  • identify and access the appropriate resources (including training) to support you
  • develop potential future Impact Case Studies
  • gather useful evidence to evaluate your impact
  • articulate and narrate the impact of research
  • help other researchers with their impact

We liaise with the College Translational Research Initiative (TRI) team, the Transforming Research Management (TRM) team and the Business Intelligence team, as well as with support services in Research & Innovation and our counterpart research impact support teams in the other three Colleges.  

The team comprises:

The College Research Impact Officers both support, and are supported by, a network of academic impact peers within the College. These include the Directors of Innovation, Engagement & Enterprise (DoIEE) for each school, and (in some schools) an additional Impact Champion or impact committees of academic staff members with impact experience. DoIEEs can be a first port of call for informal chats about interesting opportunities you may have for research impact in your current or prospective research programmes. We liaise with DoIEEs from each school on an ad hoc basis, or at least quarterly, to review opportunities and to identify and agree on actions to support those opportunities. Research staff members in any school can of course approach Jim or Vicky in the MVLS Research Impact Support Team directly.

MVLS Impact Champions



Biodiversity, One Health & Veterinary Medicine

Director of IEE: 
Prof. Martin Llewellyn (

Impact peers:
Prof. Roman Biek
Prof. Collette Britton (
Dr Tiziana Lembo (
Prof. Brian Willett (

Cancer Sciences

Director of IEE: 
Prof. Hing Leung (

Impact peers:
Prof. Nicol Keith (

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Heath

Director of IEE: 
Prof. Godfey Smith (

Impact peers:
Prof. Pardeep Jhund (

Health & Wellbeing

Director of IEE: 
Dr Sara MacDonald (

Impact peer (and Director of Research):
Dr Kathleen Boyd (

Infection & Immunity

Director of IEE: 
Prof. Carl Goodyear (

Impact peers:
Prof. Neil Basu (

Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing

Director of IEE:
Prof. Paul Rea (

Impact peers:
Medicine: Prof. Emilie Combet (
Dental: Dr Kurt Naudi (
Nursing: Prof. Bridget Johnston (

Molecular Biosciences

Director of IEE:
Prof. Matthew Dalby (

Impact peers:

Neuroscience & Psychology

Director of IEE:
Prof. Frank Pollick (

Impact peers:


Other sources of research impact support

The MVLS Research Impact Support team can help coordinate activities that cross several support services both within MVLS and across the University. Each service supports activities at different points in the research-impact lifecycle. We share good links with our colleagues in these services, and will signpost to those best placed to address your needs.