Funding to support impact activities and outcomes

Both the College and University have funding available for activities that support knowledge exchange and impact. We will often recommend these funding schemes if we feel they will add value, or make possible, an action that we agree with staff members as strategically useful to develop the impact potential of their work. Applications can be made directly to the funds as guided on their respective websites. 

Engagement funding: 

The MVLS Engagement with Research Fund has two award levels to develop, deliver, evaluate or support engagement projects and activities that highlight our research. Eligible activities might include piloting or creating new ideas, providing training or consulting specialists with the aim of extending or improving public engagement across the College. Awards of up to £2500 are open to all MVLS staff and postgraduate research students. The MVLS Public Engagement team are happy to work with researchers to develop engagement applications to this and any fund. Applications are welcome at any time when the fund is open with a 10 day decision period.

Public engagement can also be funded through the Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund (below).


Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund (GKEF)

Call is open for the GKEF flexible fund. Applications are to be submitted by 11am on Wednesday 9th November 2022. If seeking support with your application, please reach out to Dr Gordon MeiklejohnRose-Marie Barbeau before mid-October.

The GKEF is a useful, broadly focussed fund to support knowledge exchange and engagement across the research lifecycle. The scheme operates via two streams:

  • GKE Flexible Fund, for applications for grants of £2,000-£30,000; and
  • GKE Small Grants Fund, for applications for grants of less than £2,000.

The MVLS Research Impact Support team is often consulted on applications from College staff to this scheme. We encourage staff members to approach us directly to discuss potential applications prior to submission.

Institutional managed UKRI impact funding and other translational funding schemes:

For a comprehensive overview of translational funding schemes, visit the Translational Research Initiative (TRI) Translational Funding Opportunities website (a full listing and calendar of schemes is available at the bottom of the landing page). 

MVLS has secured approximately £3.5m of translational funding from the BBSRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust to help support the translation of research. The TRI coordinates access to these funds. The funding is not just for direct commercially exploitable innovations, it can also be used for practice and policy-based translational opportunities. Of the funding schemes, the BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account is perhaps the most general and flexible vehicle to support first steps on a translation journey. Early steps can include activities such as prototype evaluation, and forging new collaborations with industry, policy makers and other external non-academic stakeholders. The scheme is open to PIs with current or past BBSRC funding relating to the proposed IAA project. The Wellcome Trust also offers an early stage funding scheme, albeit more defined in scope. However, this funding can also be used for partner forming, training, travel/exchange and other forms of networking.

Innovate UK and KTP Partnership funding also help drive translational opportunities with potential impact. Innovate UK funding is business-led, supporting them to build the new products, services and processes they need to grow. Check the Innovate UK and KTP Partnership webpage for further details on how to participate and find innovation partners. 

Other funds