College Innovation Team

Innovation graphic displaying words in hexagons

The College Innovation Team was formed in September 2018 with the remit to promote and deliver the College’s vision for innovation; enabling translation and commercialisation of research and engagement with industry to maximise opportunities for collaborative research and innovation.

The Team is led by the College Innovation Manager, Ruth McLaughlin and brings together expertise that was embedded within College initiatives aimed at enabling open innovation practices to facilitate translation of research into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes (i.e. Glasgow Polyomics, Clinical Innovation Zone, Imaging Centre of Excellence); infrastructure created to support the growth and development of the translational pipeline (Translational Research Initiative) and commercial, entrepreneurial and economic development expertise that existed within the College.

The team focusses on:

  • supporting the translation/application of new ideas, discoveries and inventions arising from research undertaken in MVLS;
  • enabling engagement with industry;
  • reporting on impact arising from activities undertaken to nurture innovation and
  • identifying opportunities for ensuring that the College is actively engaged with the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

The team has a close link with the Transforming Research Management Team to enable linkage with research institutes and to identify expertise, technologies and techniques within the College that have translational potential. The team also works closely with Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre to support the development of new products and services for a global market.

The team currently

  • proactively identify, and support academics to engage with, relevant funding opportunities, potential industry partners and other stakeholders;
  • provide access to internal funding to support translation, industry engagement and impact;
  • provide training opportunities to support the upskilling of staff to enable translation and innovation; work with researchers to plan and deliver focussed networking and partnering events aimed at driving collaborations;
  • facilitating access to industrial expertise;
  • supporting the development of academic-industry relationships and
  • determine the research/prototypes/commercial analysis needed to develop the value of the technology and make it more attractive to licensees and investors.

Ruth McLaughlin,
College Innovation Manager
0141 451 6887

John Gordon,
Commercial Director/Entrepreneur in residence
0141 330 7697

Louise Mason,
Translational Research Development Manager
0141 330 6973

Claire McKay,
CIZ Operations coordinator
0141 452 6879

Sarah Henry,
Glasgow Polyomics and ISSF Manager
0141 330 4665

Alison Caldecott,
Public Engagement Officer
0141 330 2134

Becky Hothersall,
Public Engagement Officer
0141 330 2134