Supporting impact

BBSRC Excellence with Impact top ranking logo‌Our College believes that all excellent research can achieve impact, making a constructive difference in some way and at some time that will ultimately benefit society. The College has developed a strategy to support staff in realising impacts from their research through activities aligned to the four themes of understanding, identifying, enabling and publicising impact.

 MVLS impact wheel

Understanding Impact

Our vision is that all academic staff, research staff and research students understand the broadest definition of impact which includes benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy/services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia. 

Enabling Impact

Our vision is that all our academic staff and researchers are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to develop impact of all types; and to provide an appropriate entrepreneurial and supportive environment that encourages individuals to think beyond traditional academic outcomes and effectively influence the pathways from research to external impact. 

Identifying Impact

Our vision is to have mechanisms in place to capture plans for impact, so that we can actively support researchers in the development of impact, and to routinely identify and record impact from the College’s research so that it can be disseminated and publicised. 

Publicising Impact

Our vision is that the impact from our research will be disseminated widely through internal communications, external media, knowledge exchange and public engagement, to ensure the maximum benefits of this impactful research to the economy, society, culture, public policy/services, health, and the environment.

Impact Champions

We have Impact Champions within each of our Institutes and Schools to help drive and support knowledge exchange and impact-generating activities in each area. Each champion acts as a local point of contact for questions about impact, and in turn act as the link to the overarching College impact strategy.