MRC/EPSRC Molecular Pathology Network

Molecular pathology seeks to describe and understand the origins and mechanisms of disease at the molecular level (for example DNA, RNA and protein). Molecular pathology can be used to diagnose disease and/or to guide the prognostication and treatment of disease, allowing patients to be stratified and personalised approaches to patient care to be adopted.

In August 2014 the Medical Research Council published a comprehensive review of Molecular Pathology focussing specifically on defining the need for diagnostics and how they might be addressed, to better enable the potential benefits offered by stratification and molecular pathology to be captured. In response to the recommendations, the MRC and EPSRC launched the Molecular Pathology Nodes call in 2014, with the overall aim to increase the capability and capacity of UK molecular diagnostics.

Each node is a multidisciplinary centre of innovative molecular diagnostic test discovery and development bringing together the research base, pathology/genetic NHS services and industry. In addition, the nodes are expected to cooperate as a network for the benefit of the UK, through sharing of best practice and assisting in the evaluation and diffusion of next generation tests.