MVLS scientists lead the way in next generation radiotherapy research

Glasgow has been chosen to be one of just seven centres of excellence in a UK-wide network that will accelerate advances in radiotherapy research. The Cancer Research UK Glasgow Centre is set to receive £3.5 million over the next five years to pioneer new radiotherapy technologies and techniques that could help more people survive cancer.

Academics posing with scanner

Professor Anthony Chalmers, Chair of Clinical Oncology, Institute of Cancer Sciences, is lead researcher for the centre which could help to save the lives of more people with cancer in the city, and across the UK, in the future.

Professor Chalmers, said: “CRUK’s new scheme is a massive opportunity for the UK radiotherapy research community and I am delighted and very proud that Glasgow has secured £3.5 million to become one of the centres of excellence.

First published: 6 December 2019