UofG researchers bring science to the IKEA showroom

Scientists from the University of Glasgow joined Saturday shoppers at Glasgow’s IKEA on 24th November 2018 to showcase the University’s world-changing research. Around 100 world-renowned researchers and students from MVLS engaged with shoppers in and around IKEA Braehead’s showroom and café for the ‘At Home with Life Sciences’ event. Image of research finding papers on notice boards

There was the opportunity to talk to scientists developing synthetic bone grafts, a chance try the ‘Ikea tool challenge’ while wearing gloves that mimic arthritis, and an IKEA living room transformed into a ‘Cell Room,’ where visitors were invited to learn about the various components of a cell and the human body by using Virtual Reality Headsets.

Dr Allison Jackson, Research Development Manager of Glasgow Polyomics, commented: “Our research is improving the health and quality of life for humans and animals here in Glasgow, as well as across the globe. Visitors to our “at home" event in IKEA Braehead will be able to talk directly to researchers involved in everything from precision medicine – finding the right drug for the right patient – to forensic testing, dentistry and synthetic bone grafts. But just as important, we have a chance to hear directly what visitors think of our work and learn of the research issues that matter to them."

First published: 10 December 2018