MVLS academics working to prevent type 2 diabetes in Malawi

The UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund has awarded over £186K to a collaborative research project between the University of Glasgow Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU), and the Malawi College of Medicine. Image of African landscape

The award will develop new approaches to prevent type 2 diabetes in Malawi, where death rates from the disease are five times higher than in the UK.

University of Glasgow MVLS MEIRU members include Dr Cindy Gray, Senior Lecturer within the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Dr Stuart Gray, Lecturer in Exercise and Metabolic Health, and Professor Jason Gill, Professor of Cardiometabolic Health, both within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences.

Professor Gill, who is leading the year-long project, commented: “If factors other than obesity and activity are major drivers of the problem, interventions primarily focussed on weight loss and increased physical activity that we use in the UK may not be the most effective solutions. We think that childhood undernutrition, lower muscle mass and strength, and long-term exposure to infections and inflammation could contribute to the Malawi paradox”.

First published: 10 December 2018