CRUK invest £10M to speed up understanding and treatment of pancreatic cancer

The PRECISION-Panc project, led by Professor Andrew Biankin, Regius Chair of Surgery and Director of Translational Research Centre within the Institute of Cancer Sciences, has recently received a funding boost of £10M from Cancer Research UK, their biggest standalone investment in pancreatic cancer to date. Cancer Research UK logo

PRECISION-Panc seeks to uncover the molecular profile of individual patients with pancreatic cancer to learn more about the disease and to pave the way for patients entering clinical trials, where their tumour biology matches specific type of treatment.

Professor Biankin commented: “Because the disease is so aggressive, patients usually receive just one line of treatment if they’re lucky, so we need to get it right the first time. It’s important we offer all patients the opportunity to be part of research alongside their standard care.”

First published: 10 December 2018