MVLS opportunity audits – identifying our pipeline

Through the Translational Research Initiative, MVLS is undertaking a systematic assessment of our translational pipeline through a series of ‘opportunity audits’, carried out in conjunction with external, sector-specific consultants. Image of researcher in lab

To date, three of the seven Research Institutes within the College have been audited, involving over 70 research staff and 45 projects. Researchers taking part in audits have the opportunity to discuss their research with the consultants with a written report provided afterwards with feedback and next steps for translating their work.

The opportunity audits have already resulted in the identification of a significant number of new opportunities for further IP assessment and translational funding. The remaining five Research Institutes will take place over the next seven months. For more information, contact Christopher Mort, MVLS Translational Research Development Manager.

Precision PANC
Precision PANC has participated in the audit to focus on the commercial offering of their sequencing technologies.  During the activity, a cancer genomic assay (Targeted Capture Sequencing) was identified as being of clinical importance.  Discussions are at an advanced stage to license the technology for commercialisation and, further, NHS England are discussing a pilot deployment of the assay to evaluate utility in healthcare.

First published: 10 December 2018