Clinical Innovation Zone hosts external events

The Clinical Innovation Zone at the Imaging Centre of Excellence recently played host to two external events. ‌
Clinical Innovation Zone and Blockchain for Clinical Trials logos
Through Spiritus Partners, MVLS worked with the Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers Standards Association and hosted their international three-day conference on ‘Blockchain, Internet of Medical Things and Clinical Trials/Research’. The meeting assembled US and Europe’s leading consortia and working groups, pharmaceutical clinical operation and digital innovation teams to discuss lessons learned through proof of concepts, and public and private blockchain projects.

The Gaitherin focussed on precision medicine in Scotland, and was an extremely productive meeting for the College and the Clinical Innovation Zone. Dr Carol Clugston, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences Chief Operating Officer spoke to attendees about the recent Precision Medicine Innovation in Scotland Science Innovation Audit, which was led by the University of Glasgow. It provided an opportunity to introduce the companies currently located within the Clinical Innovation Zone and to promote opportunities for engagement and collaboration.

First published: 10 December 2018