The Complete University Guide 2020

Complete University Guide logoIn early May 2019 The Complete University Guide 2020 rankings were published and demonstrated very impressive results for the University and College.  

This year’s results continue our steady improvement in this league table over the past five years. Glasgow has improved by six places to 18th, largely due to improvements in student staff ratio, degree completion, and good honours.

The College has been ranked first in the UK for Dentistry, Nursing, Sports Science and Veterinary Medicine. In addition, Medicine is ranked third in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge.

Glasgow tops the subject tables for seven subjects, and only four universities in the UK were top in more than two subject areas: Cambridge were top in 27, Oxford were top in nine, followed by Glasgow at seven, and finally St Andrews with four.

These results now mean Glasgow ranks 14th in the Russell Group, up from 18th in 2019.

First published: 29 July 2019