New online tool for identifying emerging mental health problems in young people

‌For the first time, researchers have developed an online tool to help identify young people with emerging signs of mental health problems, such as psychosis.  Nearly one third of the participants using the screening tool, created by researchers in the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology (INP), were found to be at risk of developing psychosis.

Image of an online webpage

Professor Peter Uhlhaas from the Centre of Cognitive Neuroimaging within INP said, “Our findings show that e-health applications are an important approach in the intervention and diagnosis of psychotic disorders, and it’s important to develop new, modern ways of identifying young people at risk. Our tool could help circumvent clinical entry points and help spot the potential signs of psychosis and related mental disorders sooner rather than later; and, crucially, help identify those who would benefit from more detailed psychiatric assessments.”

First published: 26 June 2018