Fellowship of the International Carotenoid Society and Trevor Goodwin Award

Professor Richard Cogdell, Hooker Chair of Botany in the Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, has been awarded a Fellowship of the International Carotenoid Society as well as its Trevor Goodwin Award. The Fellowship recognises members of the Society whose consistent contributions to society, the scientific community, and the general public demonstrate a commitment to excellence, leadership and sound ethics.

Professor Cogdell said: "I am very pleased to receive the Trevor Goodwin award as, when I was a young researcher, I got to know Trevor and he was very supportive of me. I have never forgotten this and that special memory makes this award particularly significant for me.  The simultaneous award of the fellowship is just the icing on the cake. I have loved working with carotenoids as they are wonderful, colourful molecules and it’s amazing now to get awards for having had years of fun with these fascinating molecules."

First published: 1 August 2017