CAVA Trial

The clinical research team at the CRUK Beatson Institute are conducting CAVA (Cancer And Venous Access), a randomised controlled trial comparing three different devices for CAVA logodelivering intravenous chemotherapy to cancer patients: PICC (peripheral inserted central catheter), Hickman line and a Port. They are different in many respects and there is a wide range of opinion on these devices. Patients are offered a particular device depending on local expertise, cost and the opinion of their consultant oncologist. The CRUK Beatson Institute was awarded a £1m grant from the National Institute for Health Research to lead the study. CAVA has randomised 950 patients across 15 sites throughout the UK and is already the largest trial worldwide to compare these devices. It hopes to report in approximately two years' time helping inform both patients and healthcare providers across the globe as to the best choice.  

First published: 31 July 2017