Clinical Innovation Zone welcomes two new tenants

Issued: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 10:59:00 BST

The University of Glasgow has welcomed two new tenants, Kvatchii Limited and Spiritus, to the Clinical Innovation Zone (CIZ) in the Imaging Centre of Excellence at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus.

Kvatchii, founded by Professor Sandosh Padmanabhan, Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics and Therapeutics within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow, has a global vision to develop the next generation digital precision medicine platform to improve healthcare. Kvatchii is based on a direct-to-consumer secure, personal, mobile, intelligent health platform acquiring data input from electronic health records to genomics and wearables with predictive analytics.
Spiritus is pioneering the next generation of service records for critical assets and infrastructure, working across healthcare and life sciences. Susan Ramonat, Founder and CEO, commented: “Our experience so far as an SME at the CIZ has been extraordinary. Opportunities for collaboration in precision medicine with other companies, the University of Glasgow and the NHS align closely with the ambitions, plans and capabilities of Spiritus. The CIZ offers strong proof of Scotland as a springboard for executing our vision and strategy”.

Dr Carol Clugston, MVLS Chief Operating Officer, said: “The strategic location of Kvatchii and Spiritus within the CIZ adds to our thriving life sciences cluster, which fosters collaboration to drive innovation and accelerate the development of precision medicine for patient and economic benefit”.