Research Spotlight on...Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology

Issued: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 15:26:00 BST

In REF2021, the College will be required to submit approximately 900 publications and it is hoped that a number of these would be scored as 4* papers. A 4* publication is one that is judged by a REF peer-review panel as being world-leading and that demonstrates the highest quality of “significance, originality and rigour”.

A number of papers within the College have already been identified as 4*.  This issue, we will focus on the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology.



University of Glasgow Author: Professor Stuart Cobb, Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology,

Adrian Bird, Dina De Sousa, Kamal K. E. Gadalla,  Jacky Guy, Ralph D. Hector, Martha V. Koerner, Jim Selfridge & Rebekah Tillotson (2017)

This paper was published in Nature.