Communicating Research: The Art of Possible

This session will be delivered by Dr Susie Mitchell, Glasgow City of Science

When art, design, engineering, and science come together, we can enable great innovation. Art and the humanities can amplify social change – by healing, provoking and disrupting the way we think. Equally, design is one of the most powerful tools we have for smoothing the journey from research insight and discovery to creating better places to live, better products to use and healthier living.

Dr Susie Mitchell, Programme Director, Glasgow City of Science, recognises that in Scotland, we have a distinct and diverse economy with a world-class research and innovation base. Her talk will focus on putting innovation at the heart of plans for long-term economic growth as well as complex societal and health challenges. Dr Mitchell has brokered relationships with companies that deploy STEM together with art and design skills and can testify that they experience faster employment, more innovation and stronger sales growth than STEM skills alone. Importantly, other skills such as leadership, creativity, adaptability, and entrepreneurial ability are must-haves to maximise the impact of STEM skills on economic performance.

To get insight on how to develop these skills, come along to the session and find out about opportunities to interact and combine your diverse range of skills in different ways.


Please register for this event in advance.  The session will take place on the 19th April 2018 at 12pm in the Yudowitz Seminar Room