NERD Resources

Below you will find a list of resources from recent NERD events that are available to NERD members. Access to these resources is via the University of Glasgow's Moodle system. To gain access, log in to MyGlasgow using your GUID, and select the NERD Moodle page from the list on the left hand side.

Resources available:

  • Powerpoint slides from Katrina Gardner's CV workshop (23/05/2019).
  • Slides from Vinodh Ilangovan's presentation on Open Science (17/04/2019).
  • Powerpoint slides from the 'Careers in Publishing' talk by Emma Ganley, Chief Editor of PLOS Biology (09/02/2018).
  • Slides from the ECR talk by Dr Ghada Zoubiane from the MRC (24/05/2017).
  • Resources and presentation slides from the 'Experiences of Promotion' event (22/05/2017).
  • Slides from Prof Gerry Graham and Dr Maria McPhillips' presentations at the Fellowshipshop event (28/03/2017).
  • Powerpoint slides from the 'Career Paths outside Academia' event (27/01/2017).
  • Powerpoint slides and workbook from the 'Writing for Impact' session (01/12/2016). This includes the original presentations from the Nature and Elsevier workshops, and a workbook with additional content and examples.
  • Summary of post-it note responses from the 'Meet and Greet' session (27/10/2016).
  • ECR career planning articles.
  • A range of resources from Sara Shinton (Shinton Consulting) courses.



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