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Research Culture Award

Your NERD committee was awarded one of four 2019 University of Glasgow Research Culture Awards!

Farewell to Dr Angela Bradshaw, co-founder of NERD

Congratulations to Ange on her new position - good luck from the NERDs!

Some of you may know that NERD was co-founded by Dr Ange Bradshaw some 2 years ago. Since then the network has been providing training and advice, sign-posting opportunities, advocating ECR priorities to senior management and enhancing the career development outcomes to some 300 ECRs across ICAMs, III and ICS. Much of this is thanks to Ange's never ending energy and zeal.

It is a bitter-sweet feeling for us to see Ange moving on to her shiny new job as a Project Officer at Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg.

We take pride in how the network had grown and in the important role it has been playing in improving the work environment for ECRs in our institutes. Ange has a big part in delivering these outcomes and we are thankful for all her hard work. Please join us in wishing her all the very best in her new job!


Welcome to NERD!


What is NERD?

This collaborative network brings together early career researchers in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences (ICAMS), the Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation (IIIs), and the Institute of Cancer Sciences (ICS).


Who is NERD for?

NERD welcomes anyone in ICAMS, IIIs and ICS who identify themselves as Early Career Researchers (ECRs). Although our target audience is mainly postdoctoral researchers and research fellows (both clinical and non-clinical), technical staff, lecturers and PhD students are also able to attend events of specific interest.

What is the aim of NERD?‌

1. Provide career support, information & advice for ECRs in ICAMS, IIIs and ICS

2. Foster collegiality, collaboration & sharing of resources within and between ICAMS, IIIs and ICS

3. To better understand the challenges facing ECRs, advocating for their needs to senior management


How do NERD do this?

We hold regular events on topics suggested to us by NERD members. Previous events include:‌ fellowship writing workshops; mock grant panels; information sessions on academic and post-academic career paths; writing for impact; intra-network grant/fellowship reviewing; sessions on REF; sessions on developing interactions with clinicians and industry; and social events to facilitate networking. If you have other suggestions for events, please contact us!

In addition, our website provides: Useful information about career development courses and mentorship schemes; links to information about career planning, grant and fellowship writing resources, and Athena Swan initiatives. Resources from past NERD events, including powerpoint material.


Upcoming NERD Events

Check out our events page for more details of upcoming events!