Advanced Imaging - Image Analysis

The Living Laboratory is building on existing expertise to create an expert image analysis facility, anchored at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH), to support the use of advanced imaging as a tool for precision medicine. This facility will centralise Scotland’s existing image analysis skills and services within the specialised infrastructure at the Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE), facilitating opportunities to share expertise across the precision medicine cluster.

Advancements in imaging technology in recent years have seen improvements in the quality and resolution of images obtained from scanning methods such as MRI, x-ray and ultrasound. At the same time there are ongoing innovations in techniques for analysing and extracting information from those images. To improve the information available from medical imaging scans for clinicians, leading to better disease diagnosis and treatment options, there is a need to develop the expert skills to process, analyse and develop software for imaging data.

The Living Laboratory’s image analysis facility, uniquely integrated into Glasgow’s precision medicine ecosystem, is consolidating the expertise of data analysts and imaging specialists from a broad range of disciplines and building on and supporting the cutting-edge innovations continually being developed within SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence), a Scotland-wide initiative for medical imaging research. The facility will drive the creation of new techniques and technologies to improve the clinical use of advanced imaging.

Anchoring the image analysis facility within the QEUH enables developments in imaging research to be brought directly into routine clinical use, ultimately delivering patient benefit through improved diagnosis and treatment. The expansion and commercialisation of a medical imaging analysis facility will retain high-value services and jobs in Scotland and drive further economic development in Govan and Glasgow. 


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