Advanced Imaging Coil Development

The Living Laboratory’s Coil Development project is designing, manufacturing and clinically evaluating specialised radiofrequency (RF) coils, to improve the imaging and diagnostic capabilities of 7 Tesla (7T) MRI. Radiofrequency coils are the devices that are responsible for generating and receiving MRI signal required to produce images of the body. The development of these coils will extend the use of 7T MRI as a diagnostic tool to more parts of the body than currently possible.

7T MRI is an extremely powerful scanning technology that has the capability to produce highly detailed images of the body’s internal organs and tissues, allowing scientists and clinicians to study the human body in greater resolution than ever before. However, opportunities to diagnose disease with 7T MRI are currently limited because the standard product options produce non-uniform images that are not suitable for diagnostic use.

The Coil Development project, a collaboration between Glasgow-based company MR CoilTech, medical technology company and MRI manufacturer Siemens Healthineers, researchers from the University of Glasgow and NHS clinicians, is driving the design, testing and manufacturing of specialised RF coils. These coils will improve the quality of images produced by 7T MRI and increase its diagnostic capabilities. The team are developing and clinically evaluating body-part-specific coils with the 7T MRI scanner within the University of Glasgow’s Imaging Centre of Excellence, one of the first sites in the world to have this next-generation MRI technology situated in a clinical setting. The ability to validate the coils in a clinical setting and demonstrate improved diagnosis and treatment will confirm their benefit to patients, supporting the routine use of 7T MRI as a clinical diagnostic tool for precision medicine.

MR CoilTech’s technical expertise and the partnership between industry, academia and the NHS enables accelerated commercialisation of these novel specialised coils, developing a defined route to market for precision medicine innovations. The commercialisation aspect of this project will lead to an increase in the clinical use of 7T MRI technology and generate immediate company growth and high-value engineering opportunities that will make Glasgow the go-to location for RF coil development.

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