Wellcome ISSF COVID Response Fund

£120k available for projects that will pump-prime collaborative research related to COVID-19 that is within the discipline areas usually funded by Wellcome. 

  • Awards will be ~£10k in value and should aim to complete within 6 months.
  • Applications will be measured on the following:
    • Scientific excellence
    • The proposal should not be speculative and be aligned with on-going research – the case for why this should happen in Glasgow and not elsewhere must be clear
    • Proposals should identify a clear path to further funding including a specific call and plans towards that mapped out
  • ~£50k will be ring-fenced to support applications from early career researchers (e.g. PDRA, independent fellows and lecturers). ECRs should clearly outline the novelty of the research question but will not be expected to demonstrate a step towards next phase funding. 

Call plans:

  1. Call launched w/b 26th May with a deadline of 5pm on 15th June (call now closed)
  2. Applications will be selected by the MVLS COVID Research Group (Co-chaired by Profs Graeme Milligan and Iain McInnes with representation from each School)
  3. Applications should complete a maximum of 2-page proposal including the following information:
  • Lead Investigator / Co-Investigators and home / School / Organisation
  • Summary
  • Indicative cost and duration of project
  • Justification for research – how it aligns with Glasgow’s existing research strengths
  • Aim:
  • Research Questions:
  • Potential impact from the research:
  • Research plan:
  • Future plans for the research:


 Please note, this funding call is now closed.

Funded Projects

Lead Investigator

Job title

Institute / School / Organisation



Dr Amit Mahindra

Research Associate

School of Chemistry

Dr Andrew Jamieson (School of Chemistry)

Antiviral Peptidomimetics targeting the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-ACE2 Protein-Protein Interaction

Dr Mario Rossi

Research Associate

Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Dr Gonzalo Tejeda (IMCSB), Dr Omar Janha (IMCSB)

Cell-based strategies aimed at investigating the molecular mechanisms of ACE2 and the Covid19-virus Spike protein interaction and internalization associated with Covid19 cell entry

Prof Kostas Tokatlidis

Cathcart Chair

Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Prof Carl Goodyear (iii), Dr Malcolm Watson (NHS/GGC), Dr Malcom Sim (NHS/GGC), Dr Ian SALT (ICAMS) 

Host Mitochondria dysfunction by viral hijacking as a key pathogenicity mechanism in COVID-19

Dr Francisco J. Rios

Research Fellow

Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences 

Rheure Lopes (ICAMS), Elihu Aranday-Cortes (CVR, iii), Prof John McLauchlan (CVR, iii)

Effects of Type I and Type III IFN on ACE2 and the immune response in vascular cells: implications in SARS-CoV-2 infection

Prof Stacy Marsella


Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology

Dr Amol Deshmukh (INP), Advisors: Dr Mary Ellen Foster (School of Computing science), Dr Katie Robb (Institute of Health and Wellbeing)

Improving Handwashing Behaviour Using a Social Robot (ADVISOR)

Dr Augusto Montezano

Walton Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine

Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences 

Livia De Lucca Camargo (ICAMS), Karla Neves (ICAMS), Vanessa Herder (CVR, iii)

ACE2 signalling and host responses to SARS-CoV-2 in vascular cells - implications in cardiovascular toxicities in COVID-19

Dr Kenneth Mangion

Clinical Lecturer (ECR) and Honorary Specialty Registrar in Cardiology

Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

Anna Kamdar (BSc (Hons), 2nd Year MBChB Student), Prof Colin Berry (ICAMS), Prof Stuart Nicklin (ICAMS), Prof Rhian Touyz (ICAMS), Sylvia Wright, NHS Consultant Pathologist, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Wellcome ISSF COVID Response Fund

Dr Michael E Murphy

UoG Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer / NHS GGC Consultant Microbiology


Dr Antonia Ho (CVR, iii), Dr Ana Da Silva Filipe (CVR, iii), Prof David Robertson (CVR, iii)

Clinical metagenomics in COVID-19

Dr Stephanie M Rainey

Research Associate (ECR)

CVR, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Dr Chris Davis (CVR iii), Prof Steven Sinkins (CVR iii), Prof Emma Thomson (CVR iii), Prof Jon Cooper (Biomedical Engineering)

Cyclodextrins as a preventive and therapeutic option in the fight against SARS-CoV-2

Connor Blair

PhD Student

Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences 

Prof George Baillie (ICAMS, PhD supervisor), Dr Andrew Jamieson (School of Chemistry, COSE)

Targeting SARS-CoV-2 viral entry mechanism: Developing novel peptide disrupters of the hACE2 - SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-Protein Interaction

Dr Frederick Ho

Research Associate

Institute of Health and Wellbeing

Prof Jill Pell (IHW), Prof Naveed Sattar (ICAMS)

COVID-19 Infection and Subsequent Thromboembolic Events

Dr Marcel van Lith

Research Associate

Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology


Elucidating the immune evasion mechanism of SARS-CoV2 ORF8

Dr Elihu Aranday-Cortes

Research Associate

CVR, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Prof John McLauchlan (CVR, iii), Dr Srikeerthana Kuchi (CVR, iii) Prof Rhian Touyz (ICAMS), Dr Francisco Rios (ICAMS)

Circulating miRNAs as predictive biomarkers for COVID-19 outcome in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients with cardiovascular comorbidities.

Prof Margaret Hosie

Professor of Comparative Virology

CVR, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Dr Pablo Murcia (CVR, iii), Prof Ruth Jarrett (CVR, iii), Prof Brian Willett (CVR, iii), Dr William Weir (SVM)

Assessing the potential of UK animals to be infected with, and transmit, SARS-CoV-2

Dr Kirstyn Brunker

Research Associate

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine

Dr Katie Hampson (IBAHCM); Dr Josh Singer (CVR, iii); Mayan U. Lumandas (Virology Dept., Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Philippines); Edelwisa Mercado (Molecular Biology Laboratory (MBL), RITM); Catalino S. Demetria (Special Pathogens Laboratory (SPL)), Criselda Bautista (SPL, RITM (incoming IBAHCM PhD student)); Inez Medado (MBL, RITM); Francisco Polotan (MBL, RITM)

Wellcome ISSF COVID Response Fund Application