Volunteer Info

We are looking for volunteers to be scanned on the new high-resolution 7T MRI scanner at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Scans of the knee or the brain will be acquired to optimise the quality of the images before scanning patients.

If you might be interested in joining our study please contact the MRI research team for more information on 0141 201 2455 (8am-2pm), or by email:


Meanwhile, you can also review the volunteer screening form you will need to fill out before each MRI scan: VolunteerMRIChecklist.

Please note: There are no clinical or diagnostic benefits for volunteers in this study. We will reimburse for travel expenses, but we are unable to offer payment for volunteering. Magnetic resonance imaging does not use harmful ionising radiation. The scanner in this study uses a strong magnetic field of 7 tesla, which may cause some dizziness, but has no known long-term effects.