7T MRI Scanner Utilisation

If you would like to enquire about utilising the 7T MRI Scanning Facility at ICE, please complete the Enquiry Form below, and someone from the team will contact you in due course.

E-mail address*
Brief outline of your research interests and proposed project
  • Detailed process map of working at ICE and submission forms

Stage 1

  • Confirm if CRIF Approval Group is appropriate
  • Confirm study route with NHS R&D and UoG Governance Office
  • **CRIF studies: 10 patients up to 3 scans each

    Guidance notes

Stage 2

  • Confirm if existing REC approval is sufficient
  • Confirm Study Sponsor
  • Develop all relevant project specific IRAS documentation
  • Establish Siemens/third party involvement and data management plan
  • †Establish if Research Passport (Letter of Access or Honorary Contract) is required and initiate process
  • Detailed financial costings review
  • Incidental finding reporting plan
  • Researcher Entitlement & Access

    Guidance notes
    • Detailed help and guidance on how to create an online IRAS account and complete all relevant documentation can be found here.
    • If your project involves data sharing with any third party, Siemens for example, you should ensure all study participants are made aware of the potential for data sharing in all relevant patient information sheets and consent forms.
    • More information on research passports and how to apply for an NHS Honorary Contract or Letter of Access via the Research Passport process can be found here.  Additional guidance specific to the ICE building can be found here.
    • Please be aware that a Research Passport must be ‘linked’ with one or more specific research studies that are reviewed/approved by NHS R&D ie Research Passports for ‘generic research purposes’ will not be processed.
    • Please note, the requirement for an NHS Honorary Contract or Letter of Access, and associated Disclosure Scotland and Occupational Health checks, will be dependant on your proposed activity in the ICE building.  If in doubt, please contact Dr Debra Stuart or Emma-Jane Gault for advice.
    • For guidance on Incidental Finding review and costs associated with the process, please contact Tracey Hopkins or Frances Crabbe for further advice.

Stage 3

  • Ensure all relevant approvals are in place to allow the study to begin
  • Notification to ICE CRIF Lead

    Guidance notes
    • You will not be permitted to start a study without all appropriate study approvals and associated Honorary Contracts or Letters of Access in place.
    • NHS GG&C or the University may audit your study as required throughout its duration.