Supervisor and Research Integrity Training

‌MVLS Supervisor and Examiners' Training

All supervisors of postgraduate research students must undertake supervisor training.

This requirement extends to relevant honorary members of staff involved in supervision and examination.

Certification will be on a 5 year renewable basis.

To receive a letter of completion you must complete the online resource and also attend a session where small groups of supervisors will work through a variety of scenarios students and supervisors may encounter.

Research Integrity

University of Glasgow is committed to providing an environment that ensures our research is conducted to the highest quality standards by:

  • Developing an environment that recognises and supports research excellence
  • Ensuring that all parties involved in research have the same expectations for good research practice
  • Establishing the code of good practice in research is intended for all staff, including persons with honorary positions, and students carrying out research at, or on behalf of, the University

Research excellence at the University of Glasgow is underpinned by research integrity. The Research and Innovation Service website sets out the policies, procedures, and resources to support research integrity. You will find key documents and links here.