Why Apply?

Why Apply?

There are many AMAZING benefits of applying to this competition. We've listed just a few below...

  • Uses skills and creativity you probably didn’t know existed.
  • Hone your presentation skills.
  • Undertake diverse training from experienced mentors in areas such as commercialisation, innovation, marketing, intellectual property, public engagement and impact generation. 
  • Get advice from knowledgeable Biotech and Pharma representatives. 
  • Encourages synergistic collaboration.
  • Every team that pitches has a networking opportunity that is rarely available.
  • Unearth a concept that is worthy of development.
  • You don’t know who is in the audience – could be a future investor!
  • £10,000 winning prize and chance to develop your own idea into a world changing Innovation.

Winning Prizes

  • Winning Team – all team members will each receive £100.
  • Runners up Team – all team members will each receive £50.
  • All finalists will receive a MVLS Science Den certificate.

AND it will be a fun event to be part of!