Information for Mini-Project/PhD Supervisors

Mini-Project Supervisor Information (current 2019 cohort)

Mini-Project Supervisors role will entail the set-up/coordination and delivery of the of the 12-week Mini-Project rotation.

The students are encouraged to contact their prospective Mini-Project supervisor prior to commencement of project. Supervisors should arrange to meet with the student frequently to discuss and set-up realistic time-frames to ensure the smooth completion of the project within the set 12-week parameter. Named supervisors should be available during the course of the Mini-Project.

Mini-Projects - timeline

  • First Mini-Project
    Start date: 1 October 2019
    Report submission: 13 January 2020
  • Second Mini-Project
    Start date: 13 January 2020
    Report submission: 6 April 2020

Mini-Project Report
At the end of each 12-week Mini-Project, the student will need to submit a report. The supervisor should oversee the report, and review prior to the final submission. Guidelines on report information is available from the DTP Administrator. You will also be sent via email, a feedback form, which has to be completed and submitted to the DTP Administrator. The report will also be reviewed by the Postgraduate Convenor affiliated with your institute.

Support/Health and Safety
The supervisor should contact their Postgraduate Convenor or the DTP Administrator if any problems arise during the Mini-Project. Supervisors should ensure that the appropriate Health and Safety Inductions are carried out in accordance with your local and University Health and Safety policy.

Consumables budget
Each Mini-Project supervisor will be allocated funds to cover the consumable costs incurred. Budget details will be circulated by the DTP Administrator.
PhD Supervisor Information (2019)

The 2019 Cohort (students that commenced the programme October 2019) have embarked on a 3.5-year PhD model. Their first six months involve two 12-week Mini-Projects, in different laboratories, selected to give experience of different experimental approaches and working environments across a range of disciplines before finally choosing their PhD project (PhD project commences April 2020).

DTP students will be directed to view the example projects available below, and engage with prospective supervisors. The DTP committee representatives will be holding a series of one-to-one meetings, during March 2020 with all students to offer advice and guidance regarding their PhD project.

University of Glasgow example projects

Supervising the project

The DTP PhD project is similar to other PhD projects, and supervisors should follow their local Graduate School policies and University wide code of practice.

Key points:

  • Even although DTP students carry out two 12-week Mini-Projects at the start of the programme, they are still expected to complete and adhere to the deadline dates relating to the Postgraduate Annual Review process University of Glasgow, MVLS Postgraduate Annual Review 
  • DTP students must attend monthly DTP Research Skills Sessions.