Current Students

Important dates (cohort commenced October 2018)

1 October 2019
First Mini-Project commences

3 October 2019
MVLS Postgraduate Day, University of Glasgow

4 October 2019
DTP Cohort Social Event

29 November 2019
Student progress meeting

13 January 2020
First Mini-Project Report to be submitted

13 January 2020
Second Mini-Project commences

31 January 2020
Report feedback

20 March 2020
PhD project meeting

8 April 2019
Second Mini-Project Report to be submitted

6 April 2020
PhD Project commences

June 2020
Students will have to complete the components detailed in the MVLS Postgraduate Annual Review (separate details will be circulated)

Other activities: Research Skills programme; MATLAB sessions; and subject-specific training dates are circulated independently. 

DTP Students will undertake two 12-weeks rotation projects at the start of their first year, in different laboratories, selected to give experience of different experimental approaches and working environments across a range of disciplines. Each mini-project will last for 12 weeks, at the end of which students must prepare a written report for formal assessment and feedback.

The aims of the rotations are:

- to gain experience a cross section of research in different laboratories;
- to give training in a variety of technical approaches; and
- to develop skills in leadership, data presentation, etc.

Mini-Project Feedback
Each Mini-Project will be reviewed and graded by two assessors. One being your Mini-Project supervisor; and the Postgraduate convenor affiliated with the supervisor’s institute. Feedback will be provided.

Report guidelines are available from the DTP Administrator. 

Training Skills
DTP students should take a proactive approach to building their own training programme with the support of local convenors, supervisors and their respective Graduate School. DTP students will be required to complete a skills training record each year and progress will be monitored to ensure successful completion of the PhD within four years, and graduate with a set of skills that will enable progression successfully on to your chosen future career.

All DTP students are registered in a host department, and we expect that DTP students comply with the local induction and training requirements of their research group and host department.

Skills Training
The skills training programme at the University of Glasgow was developed with the Training and Awards Committee (TAAC) and is founded on the attributes set out for researchers in the Researcher Development Framework. Each course listed within the programme of skills training has a defined number of credits attached. Full time students undertaking a PhD should gain 20 credits and aim for at least 12 credits in the first year. Further information on the Researcher Development Framework can be found at the following web-link:

Personal Development Log
The Personal Development Log from the Skills Training section of the University of Glasgow Graduate School website can be downloaded here:
This document maps directly onto the development areas highlighted in the skills audit. Students should update this log regularly to record when and what type of training they have undertaken. It is expected that students will have recorded training and/or practical experience in each of the four areas of the Researcher Development Framework by the time they have completed their studies. 

A copy of your Personal Development Log should be sent to your local DTP administrator annually, and should be uploaded at point of Annual Review.

PhD Projects

University of Glasgow example projects