Transferable skills training

Transferable skills training

Training in research skills is a key element in the development of all postgraduate students. It is becoming widely recognised that future employers, in a range of sectors, expect staff to possess a wide variety of generic and transferable skills. To help you develop these skills the Graduate School provides a training programme as detailed in the ‌‌Research Training Programme and Personal Development Handbook 2017-18. ‌You can also participate in other training opportunities not outlined in the brochure.

Your personal development planning should include regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss your training needs and to determine how you can acquire a broad range of skills during your postgraduate studies.

Please be aware that the online Course Attendance Database should only be used for checking credits which have been applied to your record and NOT for booking courses, which MUST be booked via MyCampus (see instructions below).  


Postgraduate Student Credit System

  • Full-time students undertaking a PhD should gain 20 skills training credits and aim for at least 12 in the first year. All other postgraduate degrees and part-time students should gain credits pro-rata.
  • The student is to self-evaluate his/her training needs using the Training Needs Assessment form in consultation with the Vitae Researcher Development Document .
  • The supervisor and student must meet  to review the completed Training Needs Assessment (TNA) self-evaluation form, agree a plan for training provision, and complete the complete the Researcher Development Log .
  • The student’s training needs must be continually reviewed with the supervisor throughout the year.

Credits for attending courses

  • Courses listed in the RTP brochure have a defined number of credits attached.
  • Credits can also be attained through attending courses organised by Research & Enterprise and IT Services.
  • Courses organised by the Graduate School will have credits applied once the course registers have been returned to the Graduate School office.
  • When attending courses, it is essential that you sign the register provided.
  • Courses can be booked through MyCampus unless otherwise stated in the Course Description.
  • PLEASE NOTE adding credits is a manual process and may take up to one month to appear on your record. 

Credits for other skills training opportunities

  • An External Skills Credit Application Form should be used if you wish to apply to have a credit allocated to your Skills Training Record for participation in training activities which do not appear in the College Skills Training Programme.
  • Sign the section on the form to confirm that you have not previously claimed a credit for a similar activity.
  • Email the Graduate School the completed External Credit Application Form describing the course/activity and clearly state the RDF skills domain in which you have gained training.
  • A certificate of your attendance or other documentary evidence must accompany this application (It is permitted to submit a programme timetable, agenda, email, etc. as proof of attendance where formal proof of attdance is not available)
  • All skills training opportunities will be allocated one credit.

Booking courses


  • Search to enrol for courses using MyCampus (under Self Service -Student Centre / Enrollment / Add by Search / Course Career: PG Research).
  • When in the ‘Search for Classes’ page under the ‘Course Catalogue’ section, add the 4 digit number at the end of the course code, for example, RSDA6006 (remove letters and add numbers only).
  • Select ‘Postgraduate Research’ from the drop down menu - select ‘Search’.
  • Select your preferred course and date which will be added to ‘your choices’.
  • Make sure that you click on the ‘my choices’ tab then select the courses from the table view and then click on ‘Enrol’ to complete enrolment on the course/workshop.
  • You will receive an automated email within 24 hours, confirming that you have booked a place on this course.
  • Course venues will be entered onto MyCampus but may be subject to change between the point of booking and the date of the course. You will receive an automated reminder, on the Friday prior to the event, letting you know the venue of the course.
  • If this is a multi-day course, you must be available to attend all days.

IT Courses

  • All IT Courses should be booked via the IT Services website which is indicated at Quick Links on the right of this page. 

Compulsory courses

  • Inductions for New Research Students
  • Preparing for the Viva
  • Research Integrity
  • Writing your Thesis
  • Field Work Safety     (Only for research students undertaking fieldwork)
  • Radiation Protection (Only for research students working with radiaton sources)

For more information about these courses, please see the Research Training Programme brochure. 

Please consult the Research Training Programme and Personal Development Handbook 2017-18 for more information. 

 All Research Training Programme courses are open to MVLS students only (students in other Colleges should refer to their College Graduate School Office for information on research training opportunities available)