Inductions and registration, MVLS Graduate School

There are two induction events for postgraduate research students, one in October and one in February or March. 

If you are a new student, you must attend one of these sessions.

The MVLS Graduate School will send you an email invite to sign-up for an induction session.

Next Induction Date: 
Thursday 3 October 2019 

Most Recent:
Thursday 21st February 2019

PGR Induction Programme February 2019



You must register at the start of each academic year until your thesis submission date. 

If you are having difficulty registering for the current academic year, please contact the MVLS Graduate School stating your name and student ID number.

You will only be charged one thesis pending fee, even if your thesis pending year overlaps two academic years.

Council Tax Exemption

Council Tax Exemption

You can get a certifying letter from the Student Services Enquiry Team or you can download a standard certifying letter from your MyCampus Student Centre.

Please read the rules for council tax exemption on the Student Services webpage.


Important Info:

> If you are a PhD student, your exemption will stop on the 'end of study' date listed on your MyCampus record.

> This date is added to your record by your graduate school office and will typically be the same as your thesis submission date.

> If you are unsure of your 'end of study date', your graduate school office or the Student Services Enquiry Team will be able to confirm it for you. 

> If you believe the date is incorrect only your graduate school is able to make changes.

> Note that your full-time student status does not extend to your Viva or graduation date.


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